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I'm successfully loading jQuery (when setting require.config)...

// For details see: 
// http://groups.google.com/group/requirejs/browse_thread/thread/e7532b7e3013bc62/1e5ca8a89b276de6?show_docid=1e5ca8a89b276de6
    paths : { 
        'jquery' : 'Utils/jquery' 

I have a github repo with the entire set-up here: https://github.com/Integralist/RequireJs-Example

My issue is that when I try to run the build script: https://github.com/Integralist/RequireJs-Example/blob/master/Assets/Scripts/app.build.js it chokes on locating jQuery, and gives the following error...

Error: Error: Error evaluating module "undefined" at location "/Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/project-build/Assets/Scripts/jquery.js":
Error: EBADF, Bad file descriptor '/Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/project-build/Assets/Scripts/jquery.js'
lineNumber: undefined
In module tree:

at Function.onError (/Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/Assets/Scripts/r.js:7341:23)
at execManager (/Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/Assets/Scripts/r.js:592:28)
at /Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/Assets/Scripts/r.js:620:25
at execManager (/Users/stormcreative/Dropbox/Library/JavaScript/Libraries/RequireJs/Assets/Scripts/r.js:597:17)

...any ideas on how I can fix this? It appears to be trying to find jQuery in the main /Assets/Scripts/ folder but it's actually in /Assets/Scripts/Utils/jquery.js

Look forward to your help.

Kind regards, Mark

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you need to set the paths config on the app.build.js as well, the optimizer doesn't parse the require.config() settings contained inside the modules, it increases the flexibility of the build tool, you can easily swap modules during build or not include a module by passing the special module path "empty:".

if you look at the error message you will see that it is trying to locate jquery at /Assets/Scripts/jquery.js while the correct path is /Assets/Scripts/Utils/jquery.js.


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Thank you! spot on :-) – Integralist Oct 28 '11 at 15:55
Agreed...Very helpful! – jcreamer898 Nov 21 '11 at 23:59
I think you mean "empty:". That colon makes all the difference. – Matt N.D. Hat Dec 30 '11 at 22:25

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