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On expression:

typedef RDOCalcUnary<RDOValue, (&RDOValue::operator-), OperatorType::OT_ARITHM> RDOCalcUMinus;

gcc shows the following errors:

error: ‘rdoRuntime::RDOValue::operator-’ cannot appear in a constant-expression

error: ‘&’ cannot appear in a constant-expression

error: template argument 2 is invalid

error: invalid type in declaration before ‘;’ token

Under Windows the MSVC compiler compiles the code without errors.

What's the problem? How do I fix this?

template <typename ret_type, ret_type (RDOValue::*pOperator)() const, typename OperatorType::Type CalcType>
class RDOCalcUnary: public RDOCalcUnaryBase
friend class rdo::Factory<RDOCalcUnary<ret_type, pOperator, CalcType> >;
    enum { calc_type = CalcType };
    typedef ret_type (RDOValue::*value_operator)() const;

    static RDOSrcInfo     getStaticSrcInfo(CREF(RDOSrcInfo::Position) position, CREF(LPRDOCalc) pUnaryCalc);
    static value_operator getOperation    ();

    RDOCalcUnary(CREF(RDOSrcInfo::Position) position, CREF(LPRDOCalc) pOperation);

    REF(RDOValue) doCalc(CREF(LPRDORuntime) pRuntime);
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Can you paste the definition of RDOCalcUnary for us, so we know what the template parameters are supposed to be? This code looks totally nonsensical to me... – mergeconflict Oct 28 '11 at 8:14
What happens if you remove the parentheses? They shouldn't be needed, as far as I can tell – Nicola Musatti Oct 28 '11 at 9:02
I removed the parentheses and the compiler no longer gives error ... let's see what will happen when I will gather the entire application. Thank you. – e.proydakov Oct 28 '11 at 10:13
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When you do the typedef don't use brackets:

typedef RDOCalcUnary<RDOValue, &RDOValue::operator-, OperatorType::OT_ARITHM> RDOCalcUMinus;

It works to me.

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