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I am building system for my company that use of a bluetooth RFID reader. The problem is we cannot show the keyboard when the reader is connecting unless we turn it off.

But I saw this video

And I know we can modify the reader to temperately show the keyboard. (Just like the button on Apple iOS keyboard) Media Key of toggle keyboard

We can ask the provider to taylor-made the reader. So we want to add a physical button on it.

Do anyone know the keycode of that button? Can it be done just to add a button to send a keycode event???

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The button that needs to be pressed is the eject button that's on a mac keyboard. I don't know what the key code is or even if you can send it. But I do know it is the eject button.

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The iOS keyboard gets hidden when a bluetooth or some other physical keyboard gets connected. I think that the button is causing the Bluetooth HID-keyboard profile to disconnect at the scanner (which in-turn enables the iOS keyboard)

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I have added details on how to show both bluetooth keyboard(using HID profile) and device virtual keyboard here I want to force keyboard on with bluetooth device please check if it helps.

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