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I want to query DBpedia for multiple keywords, apparently I have to search for an exact substring, so if I want the page about Egyptian Pyramids, searching for Egypt Pyramids won't work, but that's exactly what I need..

So I was thinking maybe I can see if the concept "Pyramids" has anything to do with "Egypt", by searching through the relations, but I am finding it difficult to come up with the sparql query needed for that

BTW I query through:

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Trying to construct a SPARQL query like the following might be useful:

SELECT ?uri ?txt WHERE {
                  ?uri rdfs:label ?txt .
                  ?txt bif:contains "'Egypt' OR 'Pyramid'" .

Or do you want something different?

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By the way, bif: stands for built-in function, something unique to Virtuoso server which DBPedia uses, so do not take it as a fundamental part of SPARQL. –  Emre Sevinç Oct 30 '11 at 13:37

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