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i have in a file rewrite.php following rules

$rewrites = array(
'#^/searchresults.html$#' => '/info/searchresults'


$reverseRewrites = array (
'#^/info/searchresults$#' => '/searchresults.html'


this work and give me correct page searchresults.html but with google custom search i have error page non found because format of searchresults page is:


so can you help me to insert correct rewrite rule for this specific url ?

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I'm not sure exactly what API you are using for these rewrites, but the problem looks to be that the regex ends after .html and so it is not matching your query string. Something like this might help:

$rewrites = array(
'#^/searchresults.html(|\?.*)$#' => '/info/searchresults$1'


$reverseRewrites = array (
'#^/info/searchresults(|\?.*)$#' => '/searchresults.html$1'

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mm don't working –  grigione Oct 28 '11 at 10:06
correct i have inserted only first $rewrites = array( '#^/searchresults.html(|\?.*)$#' => '/info/searchresults$1' ); and second leave intact thanks now working –  grigione Oct 31 '11 at 12:29

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