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I've recently deployed some A/B testing experiments using vanity to my heroku instance. However, whenever I access the dashboard i.e. /vanity The following error shows up in the logs

- ActionView::Template::Error (Connection refused - Unable to connect to Redis on
-     1: <ul class="experiments">
-     2:   <% experiments.sort_by { |id, experiment| experiment.created_at }.reverse.each do |id, experiment| %>
-     3:     <li class="experiment <%= experiment.type %>" id="experiment_<%=vanity_h id.to_s %>">
-     4:     <%= render :file => Vanity.template("_experiment"), :locals => { :id => id, :experiment => experiment } %>
-     5:     </li>

However, the redis to go url seems to be set up correctly and vanity seems to be able to access it e.g.

irb(main):011:0> Vanity.playground.connection
=> redis://bluegill.redistogo.com:9231/0

Anyone know what I could be doing wrong ?

 my vanity.rb config file is fairly standard

      adapter: redis
      connection: redis://localhost:6379/0
      adapter: redis
      connection: <%= ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] %>
      adapter: redis
      connection: <%= ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] %>
      adapter: redis
      connection: <%= ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] %>

and also the ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"] seems correct

irb(main):012:0> ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"]
=> "redis://redistogo:e1ab3fa23beacbcd481cd4508ad0090c@bluegill.redistogo.com:9231/"

And I can access Redis from the rest of the app, it just seems that Vanity is not picking it up for this template..

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Ok, I've figured this one out. When we fork with unicorn I wasn't reconnecting to the correct redis server and instead defaulting to the localhost. This code snippet in unicorn.rb sorts it out.

after_fork do |server, worker|
  # the following is *required* for Rails + "preload_app true",

I'm sure its similar for other forking servers too.

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perhaps this line might be more robust Vanity.playground.reconnect! if Vanity.playground.collecting? –  reillyse Oct 30 '11 at 11:01
How do you tell Vanity to use an existing $redis connection object? My app uses Redis and my Redis has a limit of 10 connections. I have Unicorn with 3 workers and 2 dynos, so that is 6 connections for my app. When Vanity tries to connect, it will use up another 6! That is 12 total but only 10 available. I would like to pass in the existing $redis object and use that for the connection. –  Chloe Mar 18 '14 at 16:51

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