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How can I build a Stand Alone Application with Silverlight 2.

1.I know that Silverlight 3 has the Out of Browser Functionality to build such Applications. But it is in beta and I cannot wait for it.
2. I also had a look at Desklighter(http://www.blendables.com/labs/Desklighter/Default.aspx) which helps to build a executable from a xap file. But it needs .Net Framework to run, which beats the purpose.

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just build a winform app and host iexplore ocx , point the ocx to an html page that contains the silverlight app. there is a dotnet example on tamir khasons blog http://khason.net/blog/stand-alone-multiplatform-silverlight-application/ but it can be achived in any language

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Won't that require .NET too, which the author says defeats the purpose? –  James Cadd May 6 '09 at 14:56

well! if you want to go for that particular purpose i agree with daniel's solution.. now regarding @James, yep it will defeat the purpose instead try developing the host in c++ then...

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