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I'm an as3 newbie. I'm experiencing this strange problem. I've created a button (type: MyButton) with two child, a text (TextField) and a image icon (type: MyIcon). Then I've append an eventlistener mouse_click on my button.

As soon as I click on the text, the e.target on the handeler function is recognized of MyButton type. Otherwise, if I click on the image icon (child of button) the e.target is MyIcon type, instead of MyButton.

How can I prevent this? I need all click to be recorded on the button, where I've stored some attributes I need on handeler function.


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Use the e.currentTarget instead. It returns the object that the MouseEvent has currently bubbled to. e.target returns the object that the MouseEvent actually started on.

Read about Event bubbling here. It's a very important concept to grasp.

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You can also set the mouseChildren property of the button to false. This will ensure the target is always the button itself, but it disable rollover and button effect on any of the buttons sub children. using the e.currentTarget is probably the best best. –  gthmb Oct 28 '11 at 13:48

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