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I am trying to parse the pubDate for rss feeds and facing a difficult issue. Every single site seems to have a different date format. I don't want to go over Google Reader because I have my own database.

So, except hardcoding all possible cases of pubDate, can I have a better option? If you can give me the source code, I am ok with C#, C, Java, Php and Objective-C. If you can suggest me a good library, I can only go with Php and Objective-C.

Here are all alternatives date format I found so far:


EEE, d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss Z

EEE, d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss z

yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z

Well, I give up hardcoding the date format when it seems too risky now.

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Have a look here

Then do:

// Replace line that sets articleDate to nil in parsers
NSDate *articleDate = [NSDate dateFromInternetDateTimeString:articleDateString formatHint:DateFormatHintRFC822];

// Replace line that sets articleDate to nil ni parseAtom
NSDate *articleDate = [NSDate dateFromInternetDateTimeString:articleDateString formatHint:DateFormatHintRFC3339];
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Works really well, at least with all the cases that I am having here –  vodkhang Oct 28 '11 at 11:49

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