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I am using JMS based on Jboss 4.2.3 and jdk1.5.0_14. however the MDB pool is configured to maximum size 20, the maximum value of InProcessMessageCount is 15 only.

I did many reties to utilize the messages consumption from the queue. I modified the value of maxSize to 20 in the domain 'Message Driven Bean' in the file ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml. Also I have modified the value of <MaximumSize> to 80 in the section of <message-driven-bean> in the file standardjboss.xml but the result is 15 to 16 concurrent processing on the queue. it seems as it was a hard coded value in jboss

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Try increasing pool restriction maxSize=15 for <domain name="Message Driven Bean"> in ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml.


A thread explaining connection of max pool size and maxSession params:

So max pool size can be increased externally in ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml for all MDBs. Then maxSession can be increased for selected MDBs to actually increase throughput.

There is also a way externalize maxSession from hardcored annotations:

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I tried to change the value of maxSize to more than 15 but there is no change finally I used the annotations : @PoolClass(value = org.jboss.ejb3.StrictMaxPool.class, maxSize = 40, timeout = 10000) and @MessageDriven(activationConfig = { @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Queue"), @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "maxSession", propertyValue = "40") }, ...) it works fine The only concern that my code is JBoss native 'org.jboss.ejb3.StrictMaxPool.class' which is not the best practice – user1017344 Feb 21 '12 at 8:05

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