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Hello I am trying to write a very simple function in Haskell. However I can't get "ghci" to accept my code.

data Field = A1 Int deriving (Show)

data FieldList = FL [Field] | Name String deriving (Show)

t :: Field

t = A1 1

u :: Int -> FieldList

u 0 = FL []

u n = FL [t]:(u (n-1))

And the error I get is this:


Couldn't match expected type `FieldList' with actual type `[a0]'

    In the expression: (FL [t]) : (u (n - 1))
    In an equation for `u': u n = (FL [t]) : (u (n - 1))

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Looking at the last line:

u n = FL [t]:(u (n-1))

u has the type Int -> FieldList. n is an Int, so (n - 1) is also an Int. u (n-1) would therefor be a FieldList.

Function application has a higher precedence than operators, so the above line is equivalent to:

u n = (FL [t]) : (u (n - 1) )

FL [t] is a FieldList.

However, (:) has the type a -> [a] -> [a]. You can see the types don't match, so that is what is causing the problem.

What you probably want to do is build up the list of Fields (having type [Field]), and then turning that into a FieldList. Here is some stub code:

u :: Int -> FieldList
u n = FL (uHelper n)

uHelper :: Int -> [Field]
uHelper = ... -- write this function
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Yep. That's my intention. Thanks to everyone for their help! –  dirtdog Oct 28 '11 at 12:26

The error says (FL [t]) : (u (n - 1)) which says that you are trying the List cons function on FL [t] which is not a list hence you cannot cons with it.

I am not sure why you have created a FieldList as a new data type which allows a FieldList to be either a List of Field OR a string (which is created using Name constructor) which sort of doesn't make logical sense.

What you can do is make FieldList as:

type FieldList = [Field]

And then your function would become:

u :: Int -> FieldList
u 0 = []
u n = t : (u (n-1))
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There are two problems with your code:

  1. The first argument of list cons (:) is an element, not a list, thus: t : ... not [t] : ...
  2. You must unwrap the FieldList first to get [Field]. Then you can prepend t to it.

You want your last line to be

u n = case u (n-1) of FL xx -> FL (t:xx)

That would of course fail to pattern match if the field list is a Name so I would agree with Ankur that there might be a problem with the design...

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