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I've a Wcf Service Application with jsonp that I consume using jquery like this:

    function CallService() {
            type: Type, //GET or POST or PUT or DELETE verb
            url: Url, // Location of the service
            data: Data, //Data sent to server
            contentType: ContentType, // content type sent to server
            dataType: DataType, //Expected data format from server
            processdata: ProcessData, //True or False
            success: function (msg) {//On Successfull service call
            error: ServiceFailed// When Service call fails

I've hosted the WCF Service using IIS 5.1 and now I want to use the Windows Authentication parameter.

What do I've to do in jquery for this to work?

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I guess you need to implement www-authentication for your service:

Adding basic HTTP auth to a WCF REST service

then, according to the jQuery documentation, you can make authenticated ajax calls by setting the username and password variables accordingly:


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for example, I may use basic authentication with https? is this correct? –  aF. Oct 28 '11 at 13:08
yes, that will do: stackoverflow.com/questions/5511589/… –  balint Oct 28 '11 at 13:14
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