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How i can insert data to list from database i have already build it and insert into it ?? i build database from two columns and it's variable columns you can insert what you need , i need to retrieve what i insert on each column and insert and save it into list and the second column at same ? what should i do ? i write this code by PyQt4 :

def retrieve(self): #to show all my database
    db = QtSql.QSqlDatabase.addDatabase("QSQLITE")
    query = QSqlQuery()
    query.exec_("SELECT * FROM name")
    self.model1 = QSqlTableModel(parent=None)
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What type of list are you referring to ? A list as a widget, or a python list [x,y,z] ? And what is the structure of the table "name" ? –  alexisdm Oct 28 '11 at 13:09
@alexisdm: python list[x,y] , table have two columns (x,y) values x-stringlist and y-integer –  s.jor.ibra Oct 28 '11 at 13:31

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You can extract the data like this:

def retrieve(self):
    query = QtSql.QSqlQuery()
    if not query.exec_("SELECT * FROM name"):
        print("Error: " + query.lastError().text())

    myList = []
    while query.next():
        myList += [[str(query.value(0).toString()), query.value(1).toInt()]]
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