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Looking through the preferences I can see the option to turn on the spell checker but I get a "spelling is not installed" message.

I've searched for help on this, but all I can find is old posts about the feature not being ready - seems strange to not have this feature yet. Does anyone have any idea about this?

I hope that its OK posting on stackoverflow about this - their support page links here and I see other people have asked too.

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I use Aptana 3.2.2 and followed this blog post:

It works for me.

Excerpt from the blog post:



This will add a spelling service to Aptana. You will also need to download the dictionary files for this plugin. I decided to use chromium’s dictionary files over the default. You can read and download them from here:

At minimum you will need an *.aff and *.dic fiile. To make it easy on you, I have included the en_US version of these files in this post.

After you install the plugin you will need to go to Window > Preferences > then General > Editors > Text Editors > Spelling. And tell the plugin where the dictionary files are.

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