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I am replacing html of div with some value


Now I wish to trigger an event once the html is change

So i tried with $('.class').bind('change',function) i didnt get a success. Please suggest me the proper way

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Triggering should be as easy as $('.class').html('').trigger('myevent')

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You can just call you function after you do this line

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Whenever you change html in your script, you could use a trigger to raise your own event.

$(otherSelector).bind('htmlChanged', data, function(){ do stuff });
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for more info api.jquery.com/trigger/#eventdata –  Rupesh Pawar Oct 28 '11 at 12:56

You can hook HTMLChange event to .html() like this:

jQuery.fn.html = (function(){
var old = jQuery.fn.html;

    return function(){
        var args = [].slice.call( arguments );
    this.trigger( "HTMLChange", args );
    return old.apply( this, args );



$('.class').bind('HTMLChange', function( e, newHTML ){
console.log( newHTML + " is new html for " + this );

$(".class").html( "sup" );

//sup is new html for [object HTMLDivElement]
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