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add value to one-dimentional array in php is:

$arr1[] = $value;

how to add value to two dimentional array? I have tried this:

$arr2[] = $arr2[$time][$val1];

But it's not correct. Is there anyone can point out the error. Thanks!

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@Rupesh Beat me to it. A simple Google search on the part of the asker would have presented the correct answer, however. – Michael Smith Oct 28 '11 at 13:33
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$array['foo'] = array('bar');
$array['foo'][] = 'baz';


    [foo] => Array
            [0] => bar
            [1] => baz


Or with numeric indices:

$array[] = array('bar');
$array[0][] = 'baz';
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You would do:

$arr2[$time][] = $val1;
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$arr[][] = "Value" 

Indicate the two dimention value at the $arr var

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