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I'm working on a C# application and i'm facing some threads issues. I would like to know which threads are running in my application.

I use the code bellow :

foreach (ProcessThread s in Process.GetCurrentProcess().Threads)
    int l_iTest = 0;
    //(Thread) s.name
    //l_liTest += s.Id + ";"; <-- name of the ProcessThread ?
     // Some stuff

My point is, I would like to know which class or assambly has launched my thread.

Does anyone have an idea ?

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You can't go back from a ProcessThread to a Thread. Pass an argument if you need to know anything about the code that started the thread. –  Hans Passant Oct 28 '11 at 13:44
@HansPassant: are you sure there isn't a way to go from the ProcessThread.Id to a Thread object? That would solve his problems and mines too. –  Ignacio Soler Garcia May 30 '12 at 7:27

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Take a look at my answer to this question and see if a variant might be able to help you (i.e. your thread would have access to the global repository of known threads within the app).

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