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I want to be able to output something like the following:

Name     Car Type 1     Car Type 2     Car Type 3
Dave     1                    3          6
Mike     5                    2          8

Any advice on achieving this with active record? (rails 3.1)


class Person
 has_many :sales

class Sales
    belongs_to :person
    belongs_to :car

class Cars
 #type, id, name
    has_many :sales
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what version of rails are you using? the answer might differ a lot depending on the version. –  Cygnusx1 Oct 28 '11 at 14:34
Rails 3.1, updated op –  recursive_acronym Oct 28 '11 at 14:47

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a no-SQL solution:

sales = Sale.includes( :person, :car ).all # or whatever you want to filter
sales_by_person = sales.group_by( :person )

grouped_sales = {}

sales_by_person.each do |person,sales|
  grouped_sales[person] = sales.group_by(:car).map { |car,car_sales| [ car, car_sales.size ] }

puts grouped_sales.inspect
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