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What is a reasonable, efficient, and fair method to calculate page views?

For example, how does Stack Overflow compute question views? I thought that Stack Overflow computes views per registered user. However, this question has 198,000 views and there are 56,000 registered users in Stack Overflow (go to users page, 1604 pages, 35 users per page).

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I've refreshed this page a few times and it hasn't increased the view count, so there's at least some merging of repeat views by the same user, although I suspect it's within a set time period. –  Sam Hasler Apr 28 '09 at 18:57

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With a black-box approach, I'd imagine that it is a similar approach to things like Flickr, which would count a view as a request per session (which would inherently be "per user" as well), but ignore views by the content creator.

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Page views mean how many times a page is viewed by a user. Based on your statistics sfo seem to use this logic.

Page views by unique user will be based on registered user. If a registered user have seen a page then viewing the page again will not increment the count.

Depends what logic you want to use.

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