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I'm building a web form to accommodate users uploading .obj and .fbx 3D models to a site. We need a server-side solution to convert these files to Collada (dae).

It would be massively helpful if someone could point me in the right direction as I have no solid ideas yet on a possible solution. I'd like to hear what others think before I go off down one path.

I can only think something along the lines of a python/perl script triggered off by the PHP during upload?

Many thanks in advance,

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I would use a Python prograam on the server triggered by PHP. I would look around for a Python library for working with Collada files (e.g. http://collada.in4lines.com/) then I would use the FBX Python SDK to convert FBX files to Collada. For OBJ maybe something like http://pygame.org/wiki/OBJFileLoader would be helpful.

Update: I recently wrote a blog post about using FBX and Python as a web server.

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This sounds like really useful nformation. I'll look into it and report back. Thanks cdiggins! –  EricZun Oct 31 '11 at 9:11

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