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I've a facebook page on my account. I need to get posts of my page wall in c#. I tried to use this code:

        var client = new FacebookClient("id_number_of_page");    
        dynamic result = client.Get("me/friends");
        string id = result.id;
        //string fromName = result.from.name;
        string fromCategory = result.from.category;
        string message = result.message;
        int likes = result.likes;
        foreach (dynamic comment in result.comments.data)
            string commentId = comment.id;
            string commentMessage = comment.message;

but if fails on client.Get("me/friends") giving me this exception

(OAuthException) Invalid OAuth access token

In "id_number_of_page" i put id retrieved by


that is a number of lots of digit.

Could you help me please? Thanks

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Where's your code for obtaining the access token? Does a call to /me/permissions with the access token work? –  Igy Oct 28 '11 at 15:50

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