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We have created C&C++ applications based on Aix 6.1 (fortran for some models).

To improve our productivity (we use emacs or vi as editor, xlc/xlC/xlf as compiler, dbx to debug, IBM Synergy as configuration management tool), we are looking for an windows IDE to allow:

to modify our source code more easily,
to compile as if we are under unix

We also are logging for a graphical debugger.

Thank you for some ideas

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I think that Emacs has been ported to Windows. And also GCC and Gnu make.

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I've had some success with remote developing for AIX/Unix on Windows via a couple of routes.

Eclipse has some options. You can "mount" your project via ssh/rcp, and it will run the compiler remotely capturing the output. I did't attempt debugging but I assume support is there as well, especially if you use gdb.

BVRDE is another option. Works nicely. This link is also valid.

I also worked with XBuildStudio, it has some similar features to BVRDE.

Give them a try and see if any of them work for you.

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I am very interessed in testing BVRDE. – Manu13 Nov 2 '11 at 8:22

Eclipse is a good one, but personally I prefer Codeblocks with Fortran plugin.

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