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I am a newbie in caching so it might be obvious.

I want to achieve something like that:

  1. User is not logged. He gets cached page.

  2. User is logged in. He gets plain page, not cached one.

Something like that(pseudocode):

caches_action :index, :if => !current_user

Unfortunately this doesnt work, but I guess you go the idea.

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Since page caching actually saves a .html file that the web server picks up directly, by-passing Rails entirely, you can't use this method.

A better approach might be to cache the contents of the page conditionally. I usually implement a cache_if method that wraps around the view cache method and can take a condition:

def cache_if(condition, *options, &block)
  if (!condition)
    cache(*options, &block)

It would look like this when used:

<% cache_if(!current_user, '#content') %>
<% end %>
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This isnt page caching. It is action caching. Anyway you provide an interesting approach to cache conditionally. +1 – nothing-special-here Oct 30 '11 at 18:50

You can see up a Cache Sweeper for user sessions. So basically you can set it up as when a UserSession is created, expire the cache page. The linked Rails docs on sweepers is excellent.

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caches_action :index, :unless => :current_user

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