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I've been playing around with the rather excellent ctypes library in Python recently. What i was wondering is, is it possible to create shared 'D' libraries and call them in the same way. I'm assuming i would compile the .so files using the -fPIC with dmd or gdc and call them the same way using the ctypes library.

Has anyone tried this ? I had a quick google and it looks as if shared libs on UNIX are partially supported.

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You might want to tag this with a 'D'? –  Greg Ball Jun 14 '09 at 12:21
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In this case Windows dlls should work just fine. I'm not sure about the situation on Linux, there are some issues with shared libraries which will be addressed as soon as the 64 bit port of dmd is finished.

Note that you have to export your functions as extern(C) or extern(Windows) to access them from ctypes.

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