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I am still new to Javascript and JQuery. I have written a small function I run from document-ready. Its purpose is to set the height of a div as a multiple of line-heights:

function setLoginLinksHeight(numOfLines) {

    var ll = hash(LOGIN_LINKS);
    var lh = $(ll).css('line-height');
    var nh = lh * numOfLines; // Issue here


From FireBug, the line-height I retrieve is 15.5833px. When I multiply it by 2 (for example), nh is set to NaN. I saw in this question that the retrieved value can have any format (%, px, etc...). This is scary!

How can I convert the returned value into a number of pixels without units into order to be able to create multiples of it? Is there a library/function available for this in Javascript or JQuery? What is the recommended practice in this case? Thanks.


I have developed a small unit splitter following mblase75's solution:

function splitUnit(e) {

    var eUnit = '';
    var eValue;

    if( e && ( length = e.search( /px/ ) ) ) {
        eUnit = 'px';
        eValue = e.substr( 0, length );
    } else if ( e && ( length = e.search( /em/ ) ) ) {
        eUnit = 'em';
        eValue = e.substr( 0, length );
    } else {
        eValue = e;

    return new Array( eValue, eUnit );

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Change to:

var lh = parseFloat($(ll).css('line-height'));

Of course, this doesn't guarantee that you'll be getting a number of pixels, just that you'll be getting a number. To extract the units separately, add:

var lhunits = $(ll).css('line-height').match(/\D+$/)[0]; 
// gets first element of array

...and then combine the calculation with the old units:

var nh = (lh*numOfLines) + lhunits;
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The parseFloat() works, but the unit extraction returns 'x', instead of 'px' (says FireBug). –  JVerstry Oct 28 '11 at 15:43
@JVerstry Ah, I should have thought of that. Fixed now. –  Blazemonger Oct 28 '11 at 16:02
It works. Thanks. I was working on creating a small unit splitter too (see update in my question). –  JVerstry Oct 28 '11 at 16:11

var test = "15.83333px";


Just tried this in jsFiddle. Worked as expected and returned the value without pixels

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