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i did this code :

from scitools.std import *



which works fine. I wanted to ask if the "experiment" array can be written in another way ,such as for example "experiment=[vectorpoint,npoints]".I want to use the vectorpoint array.

(I don't want to write all over again the "random.uniform(-1,1,[npoints,2])".

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If you want experiment to be an array with npoints lines which are all equal to vectorpoint, you can use

experiment = vstack([vectorpoint] * npoints)

If you want experiment to have npoints lines independently generated by random.uniform(), you have to call the latter function again, since vectorpoint only contains the numerical values returned by random.uniform() and no information on how it was generated. If the repetition bothers you, you can move it to a function:

def uniform(lines):
    return random.uniform(-1, 1, [lines, 2])

(Note that your use of array is redundant -- the return value of random.uniform() already is an array.)

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Ok,thanks a lot! – George Oct 28 '11 at 16:05

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