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I have a core set of files I use for almost every project, but each project also has its own unique files too. When i work on one project i sometime update these core files, until now I have been inelegantly copying the files back to the master core files folder ( which I make a copy of whenever I start a new project). Also when working on a couple of projects at once I may need to copy a core file change to both the master folder and the other project which takes time and can be difficult to keep track of!

I have recently found GIT and I am hoping it can solve all or at least some of my problems...

So I get that now with the master folder I can make branches off it to help manage my core updates better and then merge them back when perfected to the master. Great

But can anyone help me out with how I can deal with my multiple projects and keeping all the core files in sync between master and projects without copying all the files in the project folder around?

Can I break off a branch into a new repo but still track changes forward and back?

Any tips, advice, guides or links are appreciated!

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Ok thanks everyone. So I could individual repos for each project that share submodules with the 'core' repo? So when one submodule changes on any one of the repository I can push those changes back through to any other report I like? 'Push' might not be correct terminology there.. still learning that! –  fiscme Oct 28 '11 at 16:22

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One possibility is that you put your core routines in a repository called "core" or something like that and then add that as a submodule to all your other projects.

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Hi, the link is broken. New link: submodules –  JobaDiniz Feb 25 at 12:18

Check out git submodules.

(Har! No pun intended.)

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branches in git are probably not the best solution for your problem, but submodules are! but you need a repository for each project, plus a repository for your core files/libs.

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hmm... tough one maybe use a symlink?

Could you change the structure in which those shared items are in a shared repo and that is checked out on its own. This way, you ideally have 3 repos for 2 projects as example.

1 master 2 branch 3 shared

Using an MVC always helps with this at gitgo.. ;)

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yarp, submodules! –  hookedonit Oct 28 '11 at 16:12
symlink may not a good idea especially when you have some user with Windows which doesn't support it. –  Enchanter Thunderbird Oct 29 '11 at 2:09

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