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I would like some help in converting a string to an array and performing foreach on the array data.

Currently in my view I echo my string <?php echo $p['tags']; ?>

and this gives me the following data news, latest

I would like to do a foreach on this data so that I can wrap the values in <a href=""></a>

How is this done? What is the best method?

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Explode them into an array:


$all_tags = explode( ',' , $p['tags'] );

foreach ( $all_tags as $one_tag ){
    echo '<a href="#">' . $one_tag . '</a>';

The explode() function splits the string using a delimiter (in this case the ',' comma) and each item is passed into the array.

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Nice..... Thanks ever so much – hairynuggets Oct 28 '11 at 17:08

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking correctly. Is this what you want?

$var = 'news, lastest';
$tmp = explode(', ', $var);

$result = '<a href="#">'.implode('</a>, <a href="#">', $tmp).'</a>';

// string(42) "<a href="#">news</a>, <a href="#">lastest</a>"
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