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If i created the following code

<textarea name="ta" id="ta">



when i view it it won't shown the inside code exact as it and will shown only <textarea>Blah and won't shown </textarea>

that would be

This will be shown

and i want it to be

That is what i want to be

I found it also for <form></form> it won't shown </form>


and i want it to appears as

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You must escape the brackets inside of the textarea:

<textarea name="ta" id="ta"> 


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The text you are wanting to render is treated as plain HTML and rendered as one. Since you don't have anything in between the tags an empty space is printed.

To fix this you have to encode the <,>,& and - characters with &lt, &gt and so on.

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Use &lt; for the < character.

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The HTML spec does not allow nesting for forms or textareas.

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