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I am new to C# and VS. I am working on a problem in which I need to make an excel ribbon, that provides me with the functionality of passing column values in a sheet to another program that we have developed that does data visualization. I need some ideas on how to get started and how will it all work. For the same I needed some guidance. Any help on how to proceed will be appreciated.

Thanks. Arun

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What is the other program? Is it already running? More details would be helpful. –  Tim Williams Oct 28 '11 at 17:51
Yeah the other program is an already developed visualization system that visualizes data as scatterplot, parallel coordinates etc. For the same I need to make a ribbon so that I can select particular columns from the excel sheet and pass it to that program which would then visualize the data. The visualization system is written in C# (not by me but my adviser). But in any case that can be extended if I know just how does data or message passing would work. –  Arun Shyam Oct 28 '11 at 18:29

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I would think you'll have to make your visualization program able to start with one or two parameters. I would have the excel plugin save the selection to the temp folder in whichever format your visualization program uses, and do a process.start() on your visualization program, with an argument pointing at the just stored data. From there on your can read the stored data in the temp folder and display it.

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Perhaps you could use copy and paste via the operating system clipboard?

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