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I have this code that creates links.

   /* Create a link to activate the tab */
    DOM_a = document.createElement("a");
    DOM_a.href = "javascript:void(null);";
    DOM_a.title = t.headingText;
    DOM_a.onclick = this.navClick;

I need to add an image to the link, but when I try to add the image code:

<img src="typo3conf/ext/ori_proyectos/res/images/interes.png">

I get:

Link<img src="typo3conf/ext/ori_proyectos/res/images/interes.png">

And not: Link[*_*]

Where [*_*] is the image.

The source code display this:

&lt;img src="typo3conf/ext/ori_proyectos/res/images/interes.png"&gt;

I don't know how to write it.


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You should create the image using own DOM methods too:

Something like this:

var DOM_img = document.createElement("img");
DOM_img.src = "typo3conf/ext/ori_proyectos/res/images/interes.png";


A working example here.

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Thanks, it worked!! In 10 minutes I will choose your answer. Do you now why < changed to &lt;? –  Memochipan Oct 28 '11 at 17:43
@Memochipan You created a text node from the source. A text node does not contain any HTML elements, hence < etc is replaced by HTML entities (&lt;, etc). –  Rob W Oct 28 '11 at 17:44

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