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I have few questions about IPM.Note. It will be great if some one clear my doubts

1) What is IPM.Note? Is that a log file? Little detailed information so that i can understand

2) In my windows search when i type IPM.Note it showed me all my emails which is in my MS Outlook. But I can't see the word IPM.Note any where. how when i search IPM.Note, how i am getting all the email.msg files

3)Is there any chance IPM.Note will be in Exchange server 2007, or it will be in local machine?

4) How we will know from IPM.Note which all mail or in unread state.

5) How we will know from IPM.Note which all mail we have given reply

Thanks in advance

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If I remember correctly, IPM.Note is the form for Notes in Outlook. –  Drew Burchett Oct 28 '11 at 17:52

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This MSDN page on Item Types and Message Classes provides a nice catalog of IPM identifiers and they content type they represent. According to this, IPM.Note is the identifier for the Email Message type.

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