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Oracle Apex is great. The biggest problem I have with it is using it along with source code control. Generally after making a change, the entire application gets exported and the resulting SQL script checked into source code control.

The problem is that because it's unclear what most of that exported script is doing, I have to treat is as essentially a binary file. That means changes from multiple source code branches can't be merged together, which severely limits its usefulness.

I've heard of some people exporting each page and putting those into source code control individually. First, that sounds like a major pain. Second, Apex does not allow you to import a page into any application other than the one from which it was exported. So it's hard to have two developers working in their own copy of an application at once.

Has anyone found a good way to handle Apex with source code control? I'm using Subversion, thought I doubt it makes a difference.

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I've dealt with this issue as well. Another aspect of the problem is that Apex is tied so tightly with the underlying SQL database that any changes in the SQL need to be reflected as well (in other words exporting each page has other issues above and beyond being a huge pain). Actually as far as I know the shared components are not exported when you export a page as well.
We dealt with this by exporting the entire application and checking it in. Essentially, there isn't a better way at present to deal with versioning in APEX. I also remember seeing something on the Oracle APEX forum that there is a way to split the exported file into component parts, but I have not tried it.

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I've written a paper regarding this exact topic and we're also using Subversion.

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Rob, nice paper - have you published the other two papers that you mentioned in the introduction? – Joel Jun 2 '14 at 19:43
Good stuff Rob. Trying to get the guys I am working with to ditch their single development database approach for a distributed development practice versioned in Git. – Drumbeg Mar 2 at 11:17

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