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I have a situation here which I am trying to resolve, but it seams I am missing something.

My architecture of the application is as following:

  1. AppDelegate (TabBarController)
    1. Navigation Controller
      1. Viewcontroller one
      2. Viewcontroller two
      3. Viewcontroller three
    2. Viewcontroller

Since I have lot of text validations and scrolling enabled, I am using a custom uiscrollview for viewcontroller one, two and three. In the custom uiscollview I am utilizing the code from Apple which causes scrollview to scroll if the textfield is being hidden behind the keyboard. The problem which I am occuring at this point is that I have the viewcontroller one working fine, but when it comes to viewcontroller two and three, it does see's that custom view controller after debugging, and reaches the point of "setContentOffSet" but not animating the scrollview, but just displaying the keyboard.

If anyone had this issue before, I would like to see what might I be missing here?

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What do you mean by ‘it does see's that custom view controller’? –  Bavarious Oct 28 '11 at 20:25
Bavarious, the problem which i debugged now is that, I am looking at (void)scrollViewDidScroll method, and on the view controller (two), it still shows me the nslog that I captured in (void)scrollViewDidScroll method in ViewController (one). Strange. –  kforkarim Oct 28 '11 at 20:28
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