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I'm trying to implement the search suggest for my gsa search box as is described in

I was having an issue integrating the javascript file that they mention ss.js as apparently the file is not very lint friendly.

I looked at and they offer an alternate solution of using a jquery plugin.

I looked around and it doesn't seem like there are too many references to how to implement this ss.js file. I was wondering if anyone could give me an extra information as to which one might be better to use and why.

This is a .net project using C#.

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For the sake of completing this Question. You can use Jquery Autocomplete plugin. All you need to do is pass keyword to this URL http://GSA_HOST/suggest?q=<query>&max=<num>&site=<collection>&client=<frontend>&access=p&format=os You will get Different types of JSON response based on format , pick one that is comfortable. Now in Jquery part


Some autocomplete plugins require data reponse to be in unique format , like term1|term2|term3 , Check your autocomplete man pages.

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