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In github I only want "integrator@mycompany.com" to have rights to push to the master branch. Can I acomplish this with the "Post-Receive URL Hook" provided by github?

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Why not create a separate repo? The only issue with this is that if "integrator@mycompany.com" were to leave or change, you'd have to rewrite the hook, whereas if it were in a separate repo, you can just change the permissions in a lovely interface –  Ahmed Nuaman Nov 10 '11 at 21:14

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I would keep two repos instead. integrator@mycompany.com maintains the "main" repo and the other repo is a fork of that. Whenever anyone wants to get something into main - they would issue a pull-request (or use format-patch and mail it) and the integrator can merge that into main.

integrator@mycompany.com would preferably also maintain the forked repo - merging main there (git fetch upstream etc.).

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