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For example only and not the actual code:

stringstream ss;
ss << " world!";

string hello("Hello");

// insert hello to beginning of ss ??

Thanks for all the responses, I also found this code, which works:

ostringstream& insert( ostringstream& oss, const string& s )
  streamsize pos = oss.tellp();
  oss.str( s + oss.str() );
  oss.seekp( pos + s.length() );
  return oss;
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You cannot do it without making a copy. One way:

stringstream ss;
ss << " world!";

const string &temp = ss.str();
ss << "Hello";
ss << temp;
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the only way i can see is to create the string from stream and prefix your other string

string result = hello + ss.str();

its called a stream for a reason.

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Assuming ss1 contains "hello"

ss1 << ss.rdbuf();


ss1 << "hello" << ss;

Refer this URL for more info:-


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