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from CakePHP i know the XML Class in cake.libs What i like on this easy to use class is the fact that you can convert an array to xml with attributes.

On a current project i'm working with Zend Framework and still missing this nice class.

Does anybody know how i can convert easily an php array to xml with attributes ?

I tried this one http://www.lalit.org/lab/convert-php-array-to-xml-with-attributes/ but unfortunately its not easy to handle result arrays from database cause you have to define the attributes in the array.

Maybe i have miss something in ZF ?

Or does anybody know how to adapt the CakePHP class to ZF ?

Many thanks for any helpful hints

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"Easily" is very subjective. Have you tried anything yet...? –  netcoder Oct 28 '11 at 20:27

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You can get some answers at this URL How to convert array to SimpleXML

An alternative/fast and easy approach would be to convert array data into JSON, that would be faster as well using Zend library. Converting array into JSON is very easy as using follows functions.

Zend_Json::encode() and Zend_Json_Encoder::encode()
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