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Is there a way to change the font that batch uses?

(By use I mean change the font for the text that's displayed in the command window)

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The font used is not a property of the Batch file, but of the cmd.exe program. To change it:

  • Right click over any MS-DOS icon and select Copy, select a diferent folder, right-click and select Paste; a new MS-DOS icon is created.
  • Right click on the new DOS icon and select Properties.
  • Select Font tab and choose the desired font.
  • Select OK

This way, when you execute this icon the desired font will be used.

If you want to directly execute Batch files with this font from the explorer:

  • In the Properties of the icon select Shortcut
  • In Target, after the ...\cmd.exe string, add: /C (that is, space, /C, space)
  • Select OK

To run a Batch file with this icon, just drag the Batch file over this icon

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Is there anyway i could do it internally, so that if i wanted to make it into an .exe or otherwise, i could have it change the font from the batch file itself? –  Gareth Jones Nov 1 '11 at 0:04

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