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I'm embedding a flash media player in a webView in android, and I need to get the dimensions of the webView to set the media player to match. If I hard-code the pixel dimensions of the player in the call, it works, but I want it to adjust based on the dimensions of the webView, which uses android:width=fill_parent and android:height=wrap_content, and change depending on screen orientation.

From what I've read, I've tried waiting for onCreate() to finish and calling getHeight() and getWidth() in the onStart() and onResume() methods, but they both still return 0. Here's the method I call in onStart()

private void playVideo(String path){
    int videoHeight = webView.getHeight();
    int videoWidth = webView.getWidth();
    webView.loadUrl("*my url here*?video="+path+

For some reason I always get 0 as the height and width, whether I call the method in onCreate(), onStart() or onResume(). Any ideas how I can fix this?

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The WebView is a heavy component and its possible that it has not been fully rendered on the screen before you tried to get its width and height.

A simple work around would involve putting the WebView into another container preferably a FrameLayout and getting the dimensions of the FrameLayout.

The dimensions of the WebView would always equal those of the Framelayout as long as it is the only child and both its width and height are set to match_parent

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I've tried that. I used: int videoHeight = ((FrameLayout) webView.getParent()).getHeight(); int videoWidth = ((FrameLayout) webView.getParent()).getWidth(); and I still got 0 for both dimensions. – Rafiq of the Many Oct 28 '11 at 21:38

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