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As a long time user of PHP, i have a fairly simple project that I need to write in ASP for a client. What am I in for? It's essentially a web-form processor that does a very simple database read/write utilizing some existing objects that the other programmers built... I am confident that building it won't be a big deal from a logical standpoint, but my major question is how different the syntax is from PHP as far as objects, logical functions, etc.

Any pointers that some ASP .NET guys can lend to a php guy?

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I would suggest to go with ASP.NET MVC, it should feel more natural to you than the WebForms which I would say are a completely different paradigm.

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Is MVC essentially an ASP framework? I almost wonder if i'm missing some major difference between ASP and PHP... is ASP simply a language as PHP is? Or is there a far more complex integration with databases or the windows server that I should be understanding here? Thank you for your comment though!~ – Jonathan Coe Oct 28 '11 at 21:06
There is ASP (called Classic ASP sometimes), which works in a very similar fashion as PHP, but the language is VBScript. It's pretty old tech. After that came ASP.NET WebForms, where you have C#/VB.NET and event-driven web apps, which always felt unnatural to me. Then there is ASP.NET MVC, where you still have C#/VB.NET, and a lot of ASP.NET stuff, but as a MVC instead of WebForms. The official site: – Bojan Bjelic Oct 28 '11 at 21:12
ASP.NET isn't a language, it's a framework for creating web apps with .NET Languages such as C# and VB.NET – Tim Goodman Oct 28 '11 at 21:25

Coming from a PHP background should help since you've got the concepts of server-side scripting in the bag already. I have limited knowledge of PHP, however I feel that ASP.NET is not too hard to grasp if you know C#/VB. This is due to the fact that most of the coding is actually done in C# or VB.NET.

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The problem for you with a PHP background doing an ASP.NET (Web Forms) project will not be the syntax of C#or missing (class) library know how but the paradigm shift to ASP.NET (Web Forms) with it's control, post back and view state concept.

I'd recommend to use ASP.NET MVC or the ASP.NET Web Pages approach because they are more close to HTML and HTTP and do not put an (hard to understand in all details) abstraction above the stateless HTTP protocol. For data access I'd recommend to use something like Entity Framework (EF) Code First , which is integrated nicely in the ASP.NET MVC3 Visual Studio templates or some micro ORM like massive when using the ASP.NET Web Pages approach. For a simple application you will not need to understand every detail of EF or massive. LinQ and lambda expressions are definitely two concepts you should have a look at because they are used for querying in EF and together they are a quite powerful tool.

Edit: A good place to start with ASP.NET (Web Pages, Web Forms and MVC) the getting started page on

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