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I'm creating an Orchard module and as part of my migration I need to create a new content type. I am able to inject an instance of IContentManager into my migration class which allows me to create new content items but I haven't been able to figure out how to create a new content type.

Can someone describe how this is done (code examples would be great)?

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You don't need to inject content manager. There are many, many examples of that throughout the code. In fact, you can take pretty much any migration, in any module, and find something like this:

    cfg => cfg
           .WithPart("CommonPart", p => p
           .WithSetting("DateEditorSettings.ShowDateEditor", "true"))
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"You can't add a field to a content type, you always add it to a content part. It's just that if that part has the same name as the type, nice magical things happen." Bertrand Le Roy on Codeplex, emphasis add. –  Shaun Luttin Jul 9 at 18:14

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