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I've read the S3 documentation several times and I'm adding metadata to an S3 object with this code...

PutObjectRequest titledRequest = new PutObjectRequest();
.WithMetaData("outputfolder", outputFolder)

When reading the object from the S3 bucket I'm using this code....

string outputFolder = response.Metadata["x-amz-meta-outputfolder"];

But I'm getting an empty string every time even though the outputFolder variable definitely has a value.

Am I doing something really silly wrong here? As far as I can tell this is consistent with the documentation

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use this instead of reading the meta from putobject response

GetObjectMetadataRequest request = new GetObjectMetadataRequest()
GetObjectMetadataResponse response = s3Client.GetObjectMetaData(request);
response."choose properety to retrieve"

hope this may help

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