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I have to work with the Myrianed wireless chip network technology. You can find info about it here and here.

For some odd reason, I have to use Eclypse. The problem is that I have no clue how to upload the compiled program to the node itself. I want to avoid using Linux in the process as I have neither knowledge nor skills to use it efficiently (and safely, as I've learned from my experience).

Is there an easy and practical way to upload the built program onto the Myrianode under Windows? Is there a general method for uploading things onto an external embedded device?

Additional notes:

  • The node comes with an USB connector.
  • (with drivers) The system recognizes it as a COM port.
  • Eclypse is able to listen to the node via its terminal
  • No Linux.
  • I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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According to [PDF] Development Kit to read and learn about MyriaNed® Chess-WSN-DevKit flyer 2710

The MyriaDongle features are:

  • USB Port with power for MyriaNode
  • Supports JTAG Programming of the MyriaNode
  • Supports Virtual COM Port to the MyriaNode
  • Programming Software for Linux and Windows
  • Can be used as Network Data Sniffer

You therefore need to use the provided Windows software. You might add this to the tool menu customisation in Eclipse if you must.

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The hex will be transferred by the jtagme tool which is part of the MyriaNedTools.exe installer package.

You need the following (series) of manuals to get started. For me this worked fine.

  • Manual_install_software_MyriaNed_on_Windows.pdf
  • Manual_install_software_MyriaNed_on_Ubuntu.pdf (in case of linux)
  • MyriaNed Development Guidelines V1.1.pdf MyriaNed_API_Manual_V3.x.pdf
  • MyriaNed_Beginners_Guide_V3.x.pdf

You should contact MyriaNed supplier to get support.

Oh I want to emphasize MyriaNed is big fun, especially when you have LOTS of nodes :-) In case anyone has nodes left and not in use, would you send me some please? I'm a lector and I need lots of nodes for one of my students projects!

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