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I want to add a new feature, move2SDcard available only on API8 (Android2.2) but making minSdkversion="4". So, I change the Android jar file loaded in eclipse by (project prop -> Android ) and select Android 2.2 Project compiles and runs. Is this a good way to add new apis specific to new versions.

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for minSdkversion you need to specify the minimal api level with which you app runs with no problems, in you case api level 8. If you say min sdk 4 that means that your app will be able to be installed on phone with api level 5 and in app with api level 5 I think your app would NOT be able to work correctly.

with Android 2.2 it goes minSdkversion="8" (API level 8) FROYO

here are some platform highlights

take a look to the statistics of the market and you will understand that most of the apps are above API 8

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