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I've seen this abbreviation (or mnemonic) used in various examples in SQL and web services.

What does it mean? And if you know, what are its origins?

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It's the primary key (CustomerID) of the First Customer entry in the Microsoft Northwind Demo Database

Alfreds Futterkiste 
Maria Anders    
Sales Representative    
Obere Str. 57   Berlin		
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Ha! I thought I was missing something, reviewing code and thought I was losing it. – Beep beep Aug 12 '09 at 0:17

It's the unique key of "Alfreds Futterkiste", the first "Customers" table entry in Microsoft's "Northwind" sample database that ships with SQL Server.

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'ALFKI' is the primary identifier of a known Customer record in the Northwind sample Database from Microsoft.

It is used here and there almost as "foobar" is used as a canonical variable name.

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It's a sample customer in Microsoft supplied Northwind database (used for tests)

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Customer key from the Northwind sample database that Microsoft used over the years.

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