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What is the standard approach for paged collections in Backbone.js ? And how about sorting ? Does it support these features out of the box ? Do I need some sort of plugin ?

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None of these things are supported out of the box (Backbone is a thin library, not a big framework).

For pagination check Backbone JS Pagination

For sorting, the think you have in Backbone is defining a comparator on a collection:

So one approach would be to initialize your collection, and then when you have to change the order, change it's comparator and call collection.sort. This would trigger a reset event that you can listen for in your view and re-render.

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This would work as long as the collection contained the entirety of the data set, which one of the two pagination methods is not in support of. Sorting of non-fully-downloaded data must happen on the server side, unless you're just looking to sort "this page". – billjamesdev Jul 31 '13 at 23:25

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