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I'm looking at writing an app which will use text present on a user's device to generate other text - ie, read through all SMSs on the device, parse this somehow, then do something with this data (ie, a word-cloud of common phrases or similar).

I see there is a way to access the SMSs on the device, but it looks a little ropey:

Android 2.2 Read SMS Inbox messages

Are there other ways? I think I read somewhere that this would fail on some devices - any info on that? Any suggestions for other sources of (text) data which I could consider pulling from?


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Unfortunately for you, using a content provider is the only way to access text messages on android. You should do some more research though. I think once you get more comfortable with the ContentProvider interface it will feel pretty easy. In fact, I recommend you read this article in the android documentation about ContentProviders. Perhaps that will help you.

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In addition, dont forget the permissions :P –  Nikola Despotoski Oct 29 '11 at 0:52
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