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I'm building an app that has a main Activity that takes advantage of the Android ViewGroup element. I have been able to add ListViews to the ViewGroup using the instantiateItem() method of the PagerAdapter and it's all working well. I also have a separate Activity that I'm using to display information that is built using a RelativeLayout. In other words it's a full-blown activity. Of course, both Activities work perfectly and the app is set up so that currently you can currently switch between them perfectly using simple Intents.

My question is how do I embed the functionality and layout of second activity in the first activity? I want to put the first Activity in one of the Views of the ViewGroup Activity. From what I think I understand, the PagerAdapter only accepts views as "instantiable" items and so I'd have to find some way to convert my Activity to a View. So I might have to make it into a custom View? But then how would I define its layout and its methods?

To recap:

Activity1 is a ViewGroup activity that already contains multiple ListViews.

Activity2 is a regular activity that is built using an XML layout with its root layout as RelativeLayout.

I want to embed the entire functionality and layout of Activity2 into one of the Views of Activity1.

How do I accomplish this?

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I think what you want is called an ActivityGroup, which has been replaced with Fragment in API 11. Here is a tutorial on using a TabActivity, which is an ActivityGroup.

I think you should be very cautious about doing this though... Activities are meant to represent a single screen for a reason. That way the OS can free resources more easily and so performance is improved.

If you are targeting an API higher than 11, (e.g. Android 3.0+) here is the official guide about Fragments.

I assume that Fragments are a much better solution than ActivityGroups, since they are a platform highlight of honeycomb.

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Don't forget the Fragment's were included in the compatibility library so they now are supported all the way back to 1.6 –  HandlerExploit Oct 29 '11 at 1:36
I was not aware of that, very interesting –  Craigy Oct 29 '11 at 1:37
Support Package for the win!!!! –  Kurtis Nusbaum Oct 29 '11 at 1:39
So as long as I am using the compatibility library (which I already am to use ViewGroup) I can use Fragments as well!? –  Doug Oct 29 '11 at 1:45
Awesome. Thanks to all three of you. –  Doug Oct 29 '11 at 1:50

You should be using Fragments for this. No doubt about it. You can use fragments for lower API levels via the android Support Package.

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