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Does anyone know how to delete an element from the source using Watir? There doesn't seem to be a method for removing elements. Perhaps I'm missing something.

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I don't think this is part of the functionality of Watir. Can I ask what you're trying to achieve by deleting an element from the source? Someone might be able to suggest another gem that can better assist you in what you're trying to do. – anonygoose Oct 29 '11 at 18:53
@anonygoose is correct. Watir is meant for running tests. Could you be more specific about deleting from source? You want to save the source and edit it locally ? Perhaps take a look at the Nokogiri and Mechanize gems. – Kassym Dorsel Oct 29 '11 at 21:27
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The Purpose for Watir is to do web testing, which is to say drive the browser as if a user was interacting with it. That means doing the things a user could do, clicking on stuff, filling in input fields, etc. It also means being able to verify what is there on the screen that the user can see or interact with.

Since a user cannot delete elements, there is no means by which to do that using the tool.

If the application provides a way for users to 'remove' or 'delete' something, like closing a simulated window, removing a tab etc, then you need to do that by simulating what the user would do (usually clicking on some specific element) in order for that to happen.

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If you know JavaScript, you could execute any JavaScript code on the page.


browser.execute_script("some javascript code")

I am not a JavaScript ninja, but this question could help you: JavaScript: remove element by id.

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